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Undo Business Regulations

The City Council has passed several ordinances that will be harmful to small businesses. The $15/hour minimum wage ordinance is just on of them, but quite possibly the one that will do the most damage. This ordinance was passed on the heels of a study that was released out of Washington State that shows how employees making $13/hour having less income, on average, than they did when they made $11/hour. Employers have cut employee's hours to make up for the additional costs. This ordinance needs to be reversed before it takes full effect.

Affordable Housing

Minneapolis is a beautiful city;  A city full of opportunity.  But for far too many in our city, something as fundamental as a place to call home is hard to obtain.  My vision is to help facilitate the development of affordable housing by working closely with non-profit organizations .  In a city as wealthy as ours, no one should have to sleep on the streets.  I plan to work with non-profits, church leaders and others who can come together to make our city a place where everyone can have a home.

Upward Mobility

I believe every person deserves to make a livable wage. I do not however believe that every job is worth that same amount. I want to work with technical schools and community colleges in the area to create an environment where a postsecondary education is a feasible option for people of all income levels.


Our city has an incredibly unique feature in the skyways. In recent news, some individuals have argued to do away with the skyways. Instead I want to revitalize them. They are an important economic aspect of our city and coming from someone who lives attached to them, they are an absolute necessity in the winter. I want to work with the building owners to renew this Minneapolis treasure. 

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